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About MENU


In 1954, a group of 43 Naval Reserve Officers founded the Naval Reserve Association (NRA). Their vision to create an organization that would be the voice of the Sailor has become the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN). We are eternally grateful to these individuals for their vision and determination.

CAPT Paul J. Abbott* LT Curtis Junker
RADM Leonard S. Bailey* CDR Herbert F. Kemp*
CAPT John P. Bracken CDR A. Fred Kempe*
LT John A. Bradner* CAPT J. Robert Liles*
RADM Robert G. Burke* CDR Hamilton Lokey*
CDR Donald M. Burnett CDR Thomas A. Mass, Jr.
CDR Clayton Lee Burwell* LCDR James L. Mclntire*
LCDR Edward L. Cairns LCDR Russell B. Miller*
CAPT William J. Coakley* CAPT George R. Moorman*
CDR James K. Collins LCDR Bryan W. Moss
CDR Ross H. Currier* CDR Harry G. Nase*
CAPT Bernard P. Day* CDR Frank G. Pohanka, Jr.*
CAPT Henry G. Doyle, Jr.* LCDR Antonia J.G. Robinson*
CAPT Jesse Draper* CDR Stephen A. Shry*
CDR Raymond E. Edson* LT J. Paul Sidebotham*
CWO Sidney Fields* CAPT Howard B. Stevens*
RADM Alvan Fisher* CDR Charles L. Stone*
CAPT Thomas N. Fortson CAPT Albert W. Tiedemann
CDR Charles J. Gilchrest CAPT Blaney C. Turner*
CDR Hazel M. Grainger CDR William J. Waylett, Sr.*
CAPT Merrill M. Hammond* CDR J. Mack Young*
CDR Thornwell Jacobs, Jr.*

* indicates deceased

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