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Membership Benefits -- OLD MENU

Record Review

AUSN offers members the opportunity to have their records reviewed prior to being considered for a promotion by:

  • Statutory Promotion Boards
  • Administrative Command Screening Boards
  • Command – Non Command (Apply) Boards
  • Officer Commissioning Programs
  • E7/8/9 Selection Boards

Once your record is reviewed you will receive a CD with a complete analysis and information including:

  • Identification of missing or unreadable documents important to the board
  • Recommendations for corrective action
  • Annotated Performance Summary Record
  • Contact information of the reviewer for discussion
  • Fitness Continuity Report
  • OSR/ESR/PSR Report

To get your review underway you need to:

  • Complete and sign the record review application
  • Download the Officer or Enlisted Summary Record and the Performance Summary Record from BUPERS. We need PSR Part 1, PSR Part 2, PSR Part III, Fitness Report or Evaluatoin Continuity Report and your Annual Retirement Point Summary in PDF format. We need your Continuity Report in HTML. It is critical we receive the files in their proper format.

You may email your signed application and your files to or by mail with your check to:

Association of the United States Navy
Attn:  Record Review
1619 King Street
Alexandria, VA  22314

Please send your review request in at least 45 days in advance. The process takes approximately 30 days — up to 15 days to received your CD record from Navy Personnel Command; up to 15 days for the complete review and analysis; and up to 15 days for you to update your materials. You will be updated on the progress of your review.

“I cannot express enough my sincerest thanks to AUSN and to the Master Chief for all of your efforts in my selection. The Master Chief went above and beyond the call of duty with updating errors in my service record, not to mention his words of wisdom in several phone conversations and numerous emails.”

  Record Review Fees

WO2, ENS, LTjg $60
PO1 $75
LT, CPO $80
WO3 $85
WO4, SCPO $95
LCDR $105
CDR, MCPO $115
CAPT $130



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