CDR Joseph Quaglino, Jr., USN (Ret.)

Mr. Quaglino, currently a director from west of the Mississippi, provides the Board with input based on his unique experience gained through performance in varied military and professional venues. His decision making and interpersonal skills have been developed over his career in the aerospace industry, having interacted with corporate and government executives. He been an active member of the Association since the early 1970s, a past national president and has witnessed much history. He applies the lessons learned of what went right and what went wrong in Board deliberations as appropriate. Specific contributions as a Board member are working on the Constitution and Bylaws committee to revise these two documents and produce a markup of the AUSN Operations Manual, Chair of Ad Hoc Re-organization Committee and running the AUSN booth at Tailhook Reunions, SNA, NHA, and WEST 2019 for membership solicitation. Concurrently, he is serving as president of the AUSN Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Quaglino received his commission through the NROTC program; and served on active duty aboard a destroyer stationed in the western pacific. Upon completion of his active duty requirement, he affiliated with the Reserve Program. After a brief tour with the surface reserve, he transferred to the air reserve program supporting patrol squadrons and a major command staff in antisubmarine warfare. Returning to surface programs, he had a command tour and served in staff positions on major Pacific Commands. His last tour was with the Maritime Defense Zone Pacific, a joint force consisting of Navy and Coast Guard assets focused on harbor defense and antiterrorism. Concurrent with these assignments was course study at the Naval War College, the National Defense University, and an assignment at the Pentagon.

Mr. Quaglino holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California; and pursued a career in the aerospace industry. His early days involved basic research in high energy rocket propellants, and the development and fabrication of liquid rocket engines – including the space shuttle main engines. Later assignments included development and fabrication of chemical laser systems and the International Space Station Power System. These assignments also entailed evaluating, selecting and overseeing product and processing suppliers. During his career, he has held many leadership positions of project, technical, and line management. He also had been active in many professional societies and organizations, and serving in leadership position for some. He retired from the Boeing Company after over 40 years in industry. After a few years, he was called back as a contractor. He has just completed a four year tour as a Materials and Processes Engineer at Aerojet Rocketdyne in Northridge, California.

Mr. Quaglino has held Chapter, District, Region, presidencies as well as National Vice Presidencies and committee chairmanships in the Naval Reserve Association/Association of the United States Navy. He received recognition for his accomplishments having received various National Awards. He served as National President, 2005-2007 during which time the Naval Reserve Association evolved to open membership to enlisted Navy personnel; and the start of the transition to the Association of the United States Navy. He currently is serving as President, Southwest Region. In addition to his participation in the Association of the United States Navy, he is a member of Navy League of the United States – serving as a council President, Naval Order of the United States, Reserve Officers Association, and Military Officers Association of America.