David Vardeman

David is currently responsible for outbound Business Development and Networking in the GWR Region supervising eight employees—including a minority Asian Division. He has a triangle of goals involving individual, team, and staff objectives requiring self-management, coaching, and ongoing strategic planning. Over the last 2 years, David has facilitated and managed at a pace over 125%, producing over 100 million in overall sales. This required constant outreach (75-100 Events in 2016 attended) which has built an extensive network in the business and military community.

David specializes in Not for Profit Banking and has focused on the military community. David has personally focused Capital Bank’s philanthropic outreach to the military community (all arms) trying to impact as many issues as possible. Military Not for Profits which currently bank at Capital Bank are extensive and ongoing development/networking participation continues to expand. He is often asked for help in strategic planning for Association, Membership Base NFPs, and donation/special event fundraising planning for numerous NFPs.

A natural move to Military Government Contracting has begun and will only expand network of leaders within his web of connections and advocates. Over the next two years, this will allow pollination of Military Owned Businesses and introductions to their Military Arm (Not for Profit) interest. David’s team’s focus on both For Profit and Not for Profit Industry is allowing an extensive net of opportunity for those who Bank at Capital Bank. A military symposium is done annually which will be focused on bringing Military Not for Profits and Military Government Contractors together for common interest and extensive networking.