Mr. Dan Feliz

Daniel is a Navy veteran who has served as a submarine officer after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. His commitment to Navy values have given me a strong desire to restore America’s Navy, and serve the institution that has provided me with many of the great experiences and opportunities in his life.

His ongoing volunteer work includes mentoring future naval officers as a Blue and Gold officer for USNA where incidentally he also served as faculty member from 2003-2005 in the English Department.

He is currently a partner and founding member of a highly successful advocacy firm, Potomac Partners DC. His firm represents cities, counties, municipal agencies, private companies and sovereign Indian tribes around the Country. He has personally worked on all of PPDC’s client teams, and each and every client has realized many noteworthy successes to include garnering hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding and/or new legislative policy. For instance, for the last 8 years they have represented San Bernardino County, California.

He has personally advocated on several NDAA issues. One noteworthy example is the 2015 NDAA where he helped secure critical legislative language that allowed for the no- cost transfer of the National Institute of Pathology (a $500M building on the former Walter Reed Medical campus) to Children’s National Hospital. That legislative effort was a one of a kind success that year with Congress’s ongoing earmark moratorium.

Another advantage he can bring to the AUSN is fundraising expertise. Fundraising is critical to any politically active organization. As an advocate, he participates in several fundraising activities, and I have an extensive network of contributors that includes both high net worth individuals and large corporations that could be asset in achieving AUSN’s goals.