What does AUSN do?

AUSN is the leading voice for America’s Sailors and the premier advocate for a strong Navy.


Do you have to be on active duty to join?

No, AUSN serves all Sailors — active, retired, enlisted, reserve, former and veterans. We also serve families of Sailors.


Do you have to be in the Navy to join AUSN?

No, individuals who are not or have never been in the Navy can support AUSN by becoming a Friend of the Navy.


How much does it cost for Sailors to join AUSN?

Membership dues vary based on your current rank or what your rank was when you either left or retired from the Navy.


How much does it cost to become a Friend of the Navy?

The dues for one year is $20 for one year to support the best Navy in the world.


What are the benefits of joining AUSN?

Many. In addition to being the voice of America’s Sailors on Capitol Hill and the Pentagon to ensure a strong Navy we have programs for new Sailors just starting out all the way to Sailors who have retired.


What type services do you provide?

Our core focus is advocating for a strong Navy, which includes equipment and benefits for all members of the Navy, active or retired.


What about individuals who started their careers as a Sailor but chose not to make it a career?

Once a Sailor always a Sailor, we welcome all current and former Sailors.


What kind of services do you have for retired Sailors?

AUSN provides a range of services to retired Sailors. This may include VA disability claims, Tri-Care for Life, retired ID cards, DoD benefit support and Survivor Benefit Plans.


Where do your operating funds come from?

A significant portion of our budget comes from membership dues; we also have corporate sponsors.


What are AUSN’s Navy Now Webinars?

These are informational webinars allowing our members access to information about issues that pertain to maintaining  a strong Navy.


What is AUSN’s Capitol Hill Reception?

AUSN presents awards annually to members of Congress and staffers for their leadership and support of Navy-related and veteran issues. The Capitol Hill reception is held on the Hill.