AUSN’s Rich History Supporting the
United States Navy

Between World War I and World War II, the Naval Reserve Officers Association (NROA) successfully fought for a strong Reserve Force to augment the United States Navy. At the end of World War II, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sponsored the Reserve Officers of the Naval Service (RONS), which was made up of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve officers. In 1946, RONS combined with the NROA to form RONS-NROA.

In keeping with the spirit of unification of the Armed Forces, RONS-NROA merged into the older all-services Reserve Officers Association (ROA) in 1948. However, it became apparent that an organization was needed that would speak solely for the Navy, the Naval Reserve and Naval Reserve officers. In 1954 with encouragement and support from senior Navy officers, 43 Naval Reserve officers founded the Naval Reserve Association (NRA). NRA was incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1954 as a veterans organization.

As the Naval Reserve became more fully integrated in the fleet and the United States Navy moved into a part-time, full-time force, the need for broader support for all Sailors, active, retired or former, became apparent. In 2009, NRA became the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN). Today we are 22,000 members strong serving active, retired officers and former Sailors, enlisted personnel and Navy Department civilians.