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About MENU

Vision & Mission


The Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) is the leading voice for America’s Sailors. This includes active and retired, veterans, former Sailors and all Navy families. AUSN is the premier advocate for a strong Navy.


AUSN advances the interests of all members of the Navy community and supports the needs of the Navy by:

  • Being the voice for Sailors to Congress through active engagement with members and their staffs and testifying before Congressional Committees
  • Supporting the requirement that the U.S. maintain its preeminence as the world’s super naval power through education and advocacy
  • Building and maintaining relationships with Navy leadership, Members of Congress and other military and veterans associations
  • Leading the way in providing professional career development through seminars, record reviews and one-on-one assistance to members
  • Maintaining support for Sailors, retirees and veterans through proactive engagement with the VA and assisting members with advice and claims
  • Educating our members and America’s youth through our publications, scholarships and outreach programs to NROTC and JROTC units
  • Supporting our members during their Navy service, in transition and after
  • Educating our members, the Congress and the American public on issues concerning the Navy and its people through our publications
  • Educating America’s youth through our scholarship program
  • Ensuring the Navy, Congress and the nation understand the needs of our Sailors

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