Forgive us, we couldn’t resist!  While we don’t think there are any cats currently serving aboard US Naval ships and enjoying fresh sushi, we are sure that when you join AUSN, you’ll be receiving the freshest forms of true and informative Navy news available.


Joining is easy and quickly by visiting here.  Here’s a summary of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a AUSN member:


LEGISLATION: AUSN gives you the tools and information to take part in protecting your benefits and advocating for a strong Navy.

EDUCATION: AUSN keeps you informed by providing timely, essential information that helps you stay sharp and ready to serve.

WOUNDED SHIPMATES:  Joining AUSN means you’ll be helping our Navy and Coast Guard’s wounded, ill and injured Shipmates.  Perhaps our most important mission we could take on together!

ASSISTANCE: AUSN assists you by supporting your vocational needs and keeping you abreast of national trends that relate to your profession.

COMMUNITY: AUSN has local chapters that make it possible for you to meet with other members in your area.

MEMBER SERVICES: AUSN helps with your disability claims, GI Bill and retirement questions.


Oh, by the way, in case you do want to learn more about cats in the Navy, please visit this great article by our friends at USNI entitled, “Cats in the Sea Services.”  Welcome aboard, shipmate!