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Caring for Sailors.
AUSN’s long history of caring about America’s Sailors is just one of the many reasons why our positive impact on the U.S. Navy is impressive. Young Sailors, whether they are serving in the enlisted or officer ranks, give it their all every day. Their intelligence and dedication are why AUSN was established and it’s because of them that we as equally dedicated to helping them be successful.


AUSN active duty and reserve members regularly attend the association’s Navy Now Forum series, which brings together the defense community with the navy to discuss key issues affecting the Navy.


Here are just a few ways AUSN keeps our Sailors informed every step along their career and personal life:

Navy Magazine

The industry’s most popular quarterly magazine Navy, unlike no other because of it’s in-depth reporting and frank assessment of current events. Navy is not beholding to special interests but serves only in the best interests of every man and woman serving in the world’s most powerful sea services.

Email Updates

AUSN members receive informative and timely email newsletters and special announcements which puts them at the forefront of the latest issues affecting their careers, benefits, families, and their future. AUSN’s Legislative Updates alone are worth the price of membership as they give “direct from the Hill” insider information on what Congress is up to and what it means to our Navy.

Record Reviews 

AUSN offers members the opportunity to have their records reviewed prior to being considered for a promotion by:

  • Statutory Promotion Boards
  • Administrative Command Screening Boards
  • Command – Non-Command (Apply) Boards
  • Officer Commissioning Programs
  • E7/8/9 Selection Boards

Once your record is reviewed you will receive a CD with a complete analysis and information including identification of missing or unreadable documents important to the board.  Those include recommendations for corrective action, annotated Performance Summary Record, contact information of the reviewer for discussion, Fitness Continuity Report, OSR/ESR/PSR Report

​Forums and Events

AUSN’s proprietary Navy Now Forum Series is where the Navy and the defense community meet to discuss the most relevant topics impacting our Navy. Defense contractors love our forums for their frank assessment of what’s needed to keep America strong – and, the Navy’s brass loves them for the opportunity to share the latest on the Navy’s horizon.

​Military & Veterans Benefits Support

Our team of experts who offer decades of both enlisted and officer level naval service is your resource when

Professional Development & Mentorship 

AUSN’s vast network of regional and local chapters are chocked-full of seasoned Sailors and provides AUSN members with a unique resource when it comes time for career guidance. We’re able to help you reach out to the right colleagues and the right time for dependable guidance, mentorship, and fellowship. The best part about AUSN is that, unlike other navy-related nonprofit organizations, we are able to lobby Congress directly — which means you have a strong voice of advocacy when issues that impact your career arise.

Remember in the Fall of 2016 when the Navy announced that the traditional rating system with deep roots to John Paul Jones’ days would be scrapped for a numerical format?  We heard from our members — and thousand’s of Sailors from every Fleet — that the new structure was unacceptable.

It was AUSN’s loud and powerful voice that stood at the forefront of the outcry — and it was AUSN whose relationship with the Navy Brass that discussed the matter and helped to bring about a return of the traditional rating system with acceptable modifications so Sailors can matriculate into the civilian workforce successfully at the end of their service period.