AUSN is ready to bring them help, the Navy way.



With all its opportunities for professional and personal growth, the Navy is an awesome environment to raise families and an incredible way to defend our nation and preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. But, the Navy is dangerous business, too. From training with remarkable equipment and experiencing war, to the wounds, injuries and illnesses (seen and unseen) that come with such complex environments, AUSN has pledged to do our very best to help our Shipmates and their families when they are in need.

That’s why AUSN has united with The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation to ensure that our Shipmates are given every opportunity for full recovery after a serious illness or injury. By partnering with the Navy’s Wounded Warrior Program, we help by coordinating the non-medical care demands that frequently arise – issues like when Sailors’ spouses can’t afford to travel to be at their hospital bedsides, emergency financial aid when catastrophe hits home and when extended families are unable to provide life-saving assistance.

The Navy’s CNIC (Commander, Naval Instillation Command) has come to rely heavily on our foundation as their “go-to” partner when such non-medical assistance is needed. In fact, an official Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been established to streamline the delivery of support. AUSN is also forging new ground by striving to soon augment the Navy’s Wounded Warrior Program with program-enhancing support that can be utilized in their 18 national locations.

AUSN’s Navy Safe Harbor Foundation works vigorously to create opportunities so all Americans can do their part in helping our wounded, ill, and injured.  Through the generosity of communities across the nation, supporters proudly hold golf-tournaments, speaking engagements, community awareness projects and even silent auctions. These opportunities, along with others, send a clear message to our Sailors in harm’s way that we are a grateful nation and we will do our best to help them lead productive, happy lives.

Enrollment in the Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor is available to service members wounded in combat, as well as to those diagnosed with a serious illness or injured in shipboard, training and liberty accidents. Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and provides resources and support to their families.

Enrollment lasts a lifetime.

NSHF Services and Accommodations:

  • Respite care for enrollees and their families
    • Financial and Legal Services
    • Travel Expenses
    • Court Costs
  • Warrior Weekends
  • Housing/Rental Support
  • Support of Transition from Recovery/Rehabilitation
  • Family Support (i.e., Christmas Gifts, Family camps)
  • Adaptive Athletics
  • Housing Modifications
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Public Awareness
  • PTSD/Combat Stress Support and Education

Supported Population:

  • All seriously wounded, ill or injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and their families
    • OIF/OEF Casualties
    • Shipboard Accidents
    • Liberty Accidents (MVAs, motorcycle accidents)
    • Serious Medical and Psychological Conditions (cancer, severe PTSD)
  • High risk non-seriously wounded, ill or injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and their families (on a case by case basis)
  • Families in Crisis
  • Special Interest

Navy Safe Harbor Anchor Program

The Anchor Program helps Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor carry out its promise to provide transition assistance to seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as their families. It provides them with an invaluable network of support during a critical chapter of their lives – the conclusion of their military careers. The Anchor Program matches Sailors and Coast Guardsmen in transition with sponsors in their communities, perhaps from a local Reserve component and/or from local Veteran groups. Some sponsors are active-duty Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well. Though participating in the Anchor Program is purely voluntary, Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor urges all its enrollees to take advantage of this important service. If you are interested in becoming an Anchor Program sponsor, please contact the Anchor Program Coordinator at 202-433-9149. Access the Anchor Program sponsor guide, and learn about what it takes to sponsor wounded warriors. To hear more about the Anchor Program, visit Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor’s YouTube channel