They deserve only the very best we can provide.


Whether your Sailor is at sea, deployed in a foreign country, stationed at home or on TDY – AUSN is always available at the ready, protecting your family. We know how deployments go – for some families, it’s a challenge to keep home-life balanced, the kids happy and healthy and the sanity at an acceptable level.

AUSN has a long history of benefiting from the contributions of Navy family members – in the earliest of years, our Anchors program brought together the spouses of those serving to help one another manage the “double-duty” that was expected of them.  We recognize the value that our Navy family brings to total force effectiveness and that’s why we’re up on Capitol Hill every day telling that to Congress and making sure that promises made to our families are kept. We’re linked up with CNO Richardson and his wife, Dana, to support their vision for providing only the very best for our Shipmates’ families at home.

Here’s how Navy families can rely on AUSN as their advocate and partner:



In the past five years, AUSN has successfully pushed for making spouse training opportunities available world-wide. Helping our Sailors by helping their spouses enjoy a fulfilling, exciting and self-satisfying careers is essential to AUSN’s mission. AUSN is an active participant in The Military Coalition and the National Military Veterans Alliance where we arduously keep a watch on how policies are created, managed and made available to our Navy’s spouses.


We continue to advocate for careful control of personal information security for Navy families through the Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC).



Ensuring that the Navy puts Navy families first through consistent development of information, materials and programs to make them stronger, smarter and healthier.



AUSN recognizes that our Navy families are a big part of Force readiness – we partner with over 20 military and Veterans’ organizations to bring the kinds of programs and benefits necessary to keep our families at “peak readiness” to support their family servicemember.  In practical terms, AUSN’s work continues to encourage increases in family support such as individual assistance and consultation, varied educational programs, proactive outreach and delivery of family support where and when it’s needed most.


The goal of AUSN’s help with our transition assistance is to help bring about a successful experience when it comes time to prepare for transition from military to civilian life. We keep on the constant lookout for information, tools and practices which those transitioning can use as they seek post-service education, career technical training, and entrepreneurship.  AUSN’s membership makes for an excellent peer support mechanism for those seeking transition; mentorship and professional affiliation are a hallmark tradition that’s available through our regions and local chapters.


Whether AUSN’s members are looking for information about transitioning to their retirement or separation, AUSN and our members are a great resource for guidance and support.



It’s essential for our Navy families to have access to information to help in their personal and family financial planning. We know, however, that management of personal finances presents an increasing challenge to Sailors and their families. For some, the lack of basic consumer skills and training in how to wisely manage finances sets the stage for financial difficulty. Contributing factors include a high cost of living in some areas of the United States, predatory lenders/lending, high-pressure sales tactics, deceptive advertising, consumer rip-off schemes and a tendency to live beyond one’s means.

Sailors have an obligation to meet the financial needs of their families and pay their financial debts in a timely manner. AUSN believes smart financial management is a significant component to Force readiness and that’s why we provide AUSN members with access to practical and useful information from top financial organizations to help them with sound financial management.