AUSN was founded as the Naval Reserve Association — our Shipmates who stand ready anytime and anywhere are a special class to us — and, are leaders in their civilian life, they are rock stars in their home life and they are highly trained professionals in their military life. If you’re a Reservist, then you know the pressures you’re under — AUSN is here to help to protect your career, help with your advancement aspirations and to serve as a catalyst to a web of others who stand ready with you. Here are some key ways AUSN helps our Reserve Shipmates:

Career Support and Guidance

When it comes to your advancement — AUSN knows the nuances and proclivities of reserve service and can help guide you through career challenges, advancement aspirations, and even family life issues.  What’s best about how AUSN works is we know we can’t be all things to all people — that’s why when we don’t know the answer to something, we know who to turn to in our vast network to find out. You can consider us your “one-stop-shop” for what’s important to you.


Programs and Networking Events

With over 60,000 Sailors serving part-time as Reservists in the Select Reserves (SELRES), the demand for AUSN’s access to career building seminars, events and programs has been increasing every year. In turn, we depend our Reservist members to tell us what’s important to them in order to fully understand what topics and territory to cover at our events.

Recognition of Excellence 

Are you a Reservist and looking for a huge resume item?  AUSN and the U.S. Navy have been partners in recognizing the most exceptional of Sailors (enlisted and officer) for decades through our SOY (Sailor of the Year) and JOY (Junior Officer of the Year) programs. This program is your opportunity to be recognized for your exceptional contributions to the whole naval mission — Sailors are nominated and selected by their peers as they know first hand what it takes to be a successful Shipmate.


Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

The DoD’s ESGR is a huge and very effective program — and, when you join AUSN — you ensure that the U.S. Navy has a strong voice throughout the halls of Congress, the rings of the Pentagon and with every employer who smartly hires a Naval Reservist.

A Combined Voice

As a Reservist and a member of AUSN, you send a strong signal to the brass in the Pentagon and out in the Fleet that the Reserve Force is a combined and capable part of the total Navy.

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