AUSN is our Veterans best protection

We Are Dedicated to Potecting our Veterans Best Interests

Caring & Honoring our Veteran Shipmates

Our Veteran Shipmates and their families are the soul of our nation and keep us passionate about what we do.  From the revered words of President Lincoln that have guided us to care for “him who shall have borne the battle,” to Yogi Berra’s short, introspective “I’m glad I was in the Navy,”  AUSN has built a solid reputation on Capitol Hill, within the Pentagon and throughout America for protecting the welfare of our Sailors by ensuring the promises made to them are kept.



Our legislative team puts our Veterans at the forefront with thorough analysis of key legislation that affects the healthcare they receive, their monthly income, and most of all, the future they deserve.

Concerned whether your benefits will be available to you when you need them most? AUSN represents your interest on Capitol Hill and keeps you fully informed of the changes on the horizon in enough time so we both can react. Because we’re so connected with Members of Congress and their staffs, AUSN is at the top of the list when strategy is in need or support is garnered.

Just last year alone, AUSN carefully analyzed over 500 pieces of legislation that affected our active and retired shipmates and our Veterans. We found reason to offer letters of support, fully or in part, to just over 300 of those bills. To read more about our support of past and current legislation, please visit AUSN’s Action Center located here.

We’re able to do so because AUSN is America’s premier organization that represents the entire Navy – whether you’re Surface Warfare, Submariner, or protected our country ashore.  AUSN is up front, ready for action and dedicated to fulfilling our promise to protect our Shipmates.



Not sure what happens once you’ve hit your retirement window? For decades, Sailors have relied on AUSN as their most trusted source when it comes time to understand what’s necessary to navigate the “Grey Area,” when Tricare gets confused with Tricare for Life, or when forms you thought submitted years ago weren’t.

Fewer than half of today’s Sailors participate in the military’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), which is like a company’s 401(k).  Many who are over 50 and towards the end of their career but have a bit too go don’t always realize they can put away $24,000 and those serving in combat zones can save up to $53,000.  AUSN is there to help you understand what you’ve planned for and how that impacts you as you assume full retirement.

For instance, did you know that if you’re retiring after 20 years of service or more and are eligible for a pension, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Survivor Benefit Annuity Plan?  That plan is very important to your family as it allows your spouse or kids to receive your pension benefits after you die. Most Veterans pay up to 6.5% of their monthly pension to participate, and their families then receive 55% of the Veteran’s monthly pension upon his or her death. You can also decide on a lower payout at a lower cost or opt out altogether. Planning and knowledge is everything and AUSN is your partner in helping you strategize for your future.