AUSN’s Legislative Action Center

The Voice of America’s Sailors

RADM Christopher W. Cole, AUSN National Executive Director, testifies before Congress and ensuring that our members voice are heard loudly and clearly throughout Capitol Hill.

For over fifty years, AUSN continues to serve as the “Voice for America’s Sailors,” protecting the best interests of the Navy and our Sailors.  Situated in our nation’s Capital, AUSN keeps a sharp eye on Congress, the Pentagon and all those who attempt to influence them. Together, we are a loud and powerful voice communicating with the 115th Congress, acting in the best interest of our members as we’re wearing a path in the marbled hallways of Capitol Hill, throughout the corridors of the Pentagon and in the lobbies of the defense industry.

AUSN’s members set the organization’s legislative course each year by developing an in-depth roster of legislative priorities.  During AUSN’s Annual Business and Members Meeting each October, a set of resolutions is presented to the governing body, considered and voted on. Those passed resolutions serve as the core of AUSN’s legislative agenda and provides focus for our work.

AUSN regularly testifies at congressional committee hearings and interacts with congressional members – for 54 years we’ve been hammering away at veterans’ legislation to ensure it’s what our members want, or don’t want. Perhaps the work we’re most proud of is what our members aren’t aware of – like the bad idea that some Members of Congress had to cut Base Allowance for Housing (BAH) to make up someone else’s budget or legislation that slashes how Sailors are trained.  

Just this past year, AUSN has hit some great legislative homeruns that have made college education affordable for military service members through the Post 9-11 GI Bill, increases in pay for all service members and critical funding that enables the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide a wider array of services to our nation’s Veterans.

Please visit our AUSN’s Legislative Action Center often and take part in AUSN’s 115th Congress Calls-for-Action that emboldens us as the “Voice for America’s Sailors.”