Service Members and Veteran Resources

This section focuses on key areas for Sailors who have or are thinking about retiring or moving to Reserve status. These include annual retirement points, applying for retired pay, ID cards, TriCare medical benefits and the VA. In addition, we have information for family members on funeral services and the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan. If you don’t see the answer to your question email Military & Veterans support team and include the topic of your question in the subject line.

  • Before You Leave the Navy

    When you know you’re going to retire most of you will complete the “change to manual password” option with DS LOGON because your CAC cards must be exchanged for either grey-area or retired ID cards. This is very important because this manual login will be needed for access to Tricare, VA benefits, and MANY OTHER DoD and non-DoD Benefits websites!

  • Annual Retirement Points​

  • Applying for Retired Pay​

  • ID Cards​

  • TriCare Medical Benefits

  • Veterans Administration​

  • Funeral Services​

  • Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan​

  • Blended Retirement System

Still, have a question? If so, email our Military & Benefits Support Team and be sure to put the topic in the subject line for a faster response. Also, be sure to include your phone number in your email in case we need to call.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the Benefits Section is a guide and is not designed to take the place of advice from a financial, medical and legal expert. AUSN encourages you to consult financial, medical and legal experts before taking action.