We’re 56 years strong on Capitol Hill

AUSN’s Congressional Legislative Awards Program and Reception

For over five decades, AUSN has proudly held its premiere event, The AUSN Legislative Awards Ceremony and Reception, right inside of the United States Capitol Building. Members of Congress, their staffs and appointed and military officials regard this event highly for its historic value in brining together the key players whose responsibility it is to act in the best interest of the Navy and our Veterans.  AUSN’s members and corporate partners love this event for its robust energy, great connections and a chance to have one-on-ones with the powers-that-be.

During many of AUSN’s Legislative Excellence Awards programs, AUSN recognizes the Navy’s Junior Officers of the Year – an exclusive recognition program that AUSN and the Navy have conducted for over fifty years.

AUSN awards two members of Congress (one from each party) whose accomplishments towards the betterment of our Navy and our Sailors is exemplary. We look for those Members of Congress who have leaped tall buildings with a single bound to get legislation passed that benefits the Naval Community, who have led the cause for a group of Veterans whose mission has been to seek relief, or who have demonstrated bipartisan support and cooperation to accomplish the above.

AUSN also awards key staff members of either House or Senate Representatives who also demonstrate exemplary work to bring about good for our Navy, Sailors and our Veterans. We especially love recognizing Congressional staffers as they are often on the front lines and whose sharp intellect frequently directs the course for sidebar discussions and legislation.

Military Legislative Aides, support staffers of key committees like HASC and SASC, the HVAC and SVAC are all at AUSN’s Legislative Awards Ceremony and Reception – they know it’s the place to bring their bosses and to hear the drumbeats up and down the corridors of Congress.

Representative Louie Gohmert, (R-TX) proudly shows off his AUSN Legislative Excellence Award in March 2018.

AUSN’s members and supporters mark the day of this event a year in advance so they don’t miss the opportunity to represent our Association before the leaders of our great nation.  It’s a beautiful evening, too … usually held in one of the Capitol’s beautiful Caucus Meeting Rooms or within a picturesque grand foyer that’s as memorable as it is inspirational. Thanks to the graciousness of AUSN’s Corporate Partners and generous individual donors, attendees don’t go away thirsty and there are pockets stuffed with stacks of business cards they’ve collected – oh, and usually mumble something about going to the gym the next day … all marks of a traditionally perfect evening event in Washington, D.C.