AUSN is excited to announce our new Navy Now Forum Webinar Series, which provides an opportunity for our members to hear directly from the Navy’s senior officials, policy experts, and members of Congress as they discuss the most pressing issues affecting the Navy.

The new series, an offshoot of our previous in-person events, began in September 2019 and is held generally every month. After a brief interruption due to COVID-19, we have returned to our regularly scheduled events, with our latest held Aug. 20, 2020. We’ve discussed topics such as TRICARE, financial literacy, and changes in the military family dynamic, and we’ll be discussing other fascinating topics in the future.

Our next webinar is tentatively scheduled for mid-September. We will alert our membership when new Navy Now Webinars are scheduled. The following is the video of our latest webinar on Aug. 20, 2020, featuring AUSN’s David Vardeman discussing financial literacy: