Welcome to AUSN’s Reunions Headquarters!

We are pleased to offer this page so that you and your organization may promote your next reunion.  If you have an upcoming event and would like it listed on this page, please email us at info@ausn.org or call (703) 548-5800.   We ask that you be as accurate and specific as possible when providing your information as we are unable to verify or provide assistance in researching specific event details.



USS Lloyd Thomas DD/DDE 764 Reunion

February 24-27, 2019

San Antonio, Texas

Scott Sheffer, lloydthomas@atlanticbb.net, 814.797.5458, www.DD764.org


USS Seminole (AKA-104)
May 2,3,4,
Raleigh, N. C.
Terry Johnson, 661-599-2270, alhjohnson@yahoo.com


S. S. Bausell (DD-845
July 17-21
Herndon, VA
Dave Reasons, ussbausellreunionplanner@gmail.com, 256.443.196, http://www.ussbausell.com/


USS Hornet CVS-12 & Apollo 50
16-22 July
Oakland, CA
Sandy Burket, (814) 224-5063, hornetcva@aol.com


Squadron and Shipmates, Inc.
August 13-18
Buffalo, NY
Al Wedemeyer, squadronmates@aol.com, 859.689.7001, www.squadronsandshipmates.org


USS Grenadier (SS 525)
August 23-25
Up-Town Sheraton Hotel
Albuquerque, NM
Bill Robinson, worob40@live.com  575. 937.2382


Destroyer Leader Association, DL-1, DL-2/DDG-35, DL-3/DDG-36, DL-4, DL-5
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept 9, 2019 to Sept. 16, 2019
Mike Bugara, 401-635-8860, mjbugara@hotmail.com


 USS Norfolk, DL-1
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept. 9-16
Contact Bob Godas, 516-293-4115, robertgodas190@gmail.com


USS Mitscher, DL-2/DDG-35
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept. 9-16
Gary Marchido, 231-206-1665, garymarchido@aol.com


USS John S. McCain, DL-3/DDG-36
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept. 9-16
Peter Peterson, 321-952-2066, retep401@gmail.com


USS Willis A Lee, DL-4
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept. 9-16
Frank Graham, 718-934-6410, frankdl4@optonline.net


USS Wilkinson, DL-5
Boston Area, Hotel in Warwick, RI
Sept. 9 to Sept. 16, 2019
Contact John Lair, 619-479-7387, hobocamp@aol.com


USS Holder, DD/DDE 819 and DE 401

September 25- 28

Louisville, Ky
James de Barrios, 831-458-9062, ussholder_dde819@hotmail.com, www.ussholder.com


USS Litchfield County (LST 901)
October 10-13, 2019
Branson, MO
Don Lerche, donlerche@yahoo.com,  (309)530-8710


USS Park County (LST 1077)
October 10-13
Branson, MO
Mike Kempf, m.w.kempf@sbcglobal.net, (317)490-4229


USS Sutter County (LST 1150)
October 10-13
Branson, MO
Guy Simmons, guysimmons@aol.com, (978)476-3895