Welcome to AUSN’s Reunions Headquarters!

We are pleased to offer this page so that you and your organization may promote your next reunion.  If you have an upcoming event and would like it listed on this page, please email us at info@ausn.org or call (703) 548-5800.   We ask that you be as accurate and specific as possible when providing your information as we are unable to verify or provide assistance in researching specific event details.



USS Sam Houston (SSBN/SSN 609)
Sept. 6-8
Long Beach, CA
The Queen Mary
Howard Dobson, howardvaldobson@verizon.net, 302.764.1197

USS Perkins (DD 26, DD 377, DDR 877)
Sept. 13-15
Kansas City, MO.
Barry Buchanan, barryinmo@aol.com, 816.792.3040

USS Wexford Cty (LST 1168)
Sept. 15
Long Beach, CA
Charles W. Strong, 413.297.2510

USS Hornet (CV 8, CV, CVA, CVS 12) 70th reunion
Sept. 19-23
Mobile, AL
Sandy Burket, hornetcva@aol.com, 814.224.5063

Escort Carrier Sailors & Airmen Association (ESCAA)
Sept. 30-Oct. 3
Maxwell House Millennium Hotel
Nashville, TN
Anthony Looney, AnthonyLooney@sbcglobal.net, 214.738.5949

Rendova CVE 114
Sept. 30-Oct. 3
Maxwell House Millennium Hotel
Nashville, TN
Sue Foley, CFacaytour@aol.com, 313.758.9318

USS Hopewell (DD 681)
Oct. 1
San Antonio, TX
Doug Graybeal, douggraybeal@aol.com, 417.779.3643

USS Shangri La (CV/CVA/CVS 38)
Oct. 3-7
Jacksonville, FL
Al Miller, shangair@yahoo.com, 484.894.5121 or 610.588.0422

USS Jouett (DLG/CG 29) 10th Reunion
Oct. 3-7 (San Francisco Fleet Week)
Oakland/Alameda, CA
Chuck Scanlon, 510.523.6456

Naval Training Center Bainbridge, Md., 20th Annual Reunion
For all men and women who served between 1942-1976
Oct. 4-7
Aberdeen, MD
Arline Caliger, President
P.O. Box 147
Harrison TN  37341

USS Reeves (DLG 24, CG 24)
Oct. 4-7
Crown Plaza Hotel at the Crossings
801 Greenwich, Ave.
Warwick, RI
Thomas Bailey, tombailey@ussreeeves.net, 719.647.2872

USS Canberra (CA 70, CAG 2)
Oct. 10-14
St. Louis, MO
Ken Minick
PO Box 130
Delpre, OH 45714
usscanberra@gmail.com, 740.423.8976

USS Basilone (DDE/DD 824
Oct. 15-19
Milwaukee, WI
Karl Weber, karl1310@yahoo.com, 608.844.0187

USS McMorris (DE 1036)
Oct. 18-21
San Diego, CA
Scott Vliek, greywarrior@hotmail.com, 219.789.4326

USS Oak Hill and USS Carter Hall (LSD 7, LSD 3)
Oct. 23-27
Pensacola, FL
Raylah Holm
1802 N. Water Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
raylah@aol.com, 509.607.9021

Patron Four Five Association (VP-45)
Oct. 24-28
Pensacola, FL
Doug “Pooh Bear” Mitchell, President
678.650.7500, poohbearmit@aol.com

Destroyer Leader Association (DL 1, DL 2/DDG 35, DL 3/DDG 36, DL 4, DL 5)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
Mike Bugara, mjbugara@hotmail.com, 401-635-8860

USS Norfolk (DL 1)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
Bob Godas, robertgodas190@gmail.com, 516-293-4115

USS Mitscher (DL 2/DDG 35)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
Gary Marchido, garymarchido@aol.com, 231-206-1665

USS John S McCain (DL 3/DDG 36)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
Peter Peterson, retep401@gmail.com, 321-952-2066

USS Willis A Lee (DL 4)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
Frank Graham, frankDL4@optonline.net, 718-934-6410

USS Wilkinson (DL 5)
Oct. 28-Nov. 4
Virginia Beach, VA
John Lair, hobocamp@aol.com, 619-479-7387

USS Westchester County (LST 1167)
50th Anniversary of Mining in Vietnam
Oct. 30-Nov. 2
Westchester County, NY
Peter Love, peterl@hunterwalton.com, 516.381.3064

USS Lloyd Thomas DD/DDE 764 Reunion

February 24-27, 2019

San Antonio, Texas

Scott Sheffer, lloydthomas@atlanticbb.net, 814.797.5458, www.DD764.org