AUSN Affiliations and Partnerships

AUSN is not officially affiliated with the United States Navy as it is a registered 501-(c)19 organization identified by the Tax Identification Number 53-0225621.

AUSN does engage in Memoranda of Understandings with organizations which share common interests and whose partnerships will benefit our mission(s). If your organization is interested in partnering with AUSN, please contact us at (703) 548-5800 or



AUSN holds a very special covenant with all Sailors to protect their safety and security to the best of our ability. Many of AUSN’s members hold active security clearances and AUSN’s is committed to protecting their identity and of all those who serve(ed) in our Armed Forces. AUSN members, by virtue of their affiliation with AUSN and unless otherwise requested, agree to have their likeness used appropriately and for the betterment of the organization. So that we may best graphically portray the mission of AUSN while protecting the security of our Sailors, we will, with permission and occasionally, use images from other sources including official government outlets since those images have been especially deemed appropriate for public consumption. AUSN’s guidelines for the use of such images are to portray typical members and potential members and events or circumstances that have or may impact AUSN and its membership.