Establishing an AUSN Chapter is Mission Critical   



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     Establishing an AUSN chapter in your area is both fun and a great way to meet other Sailors and friends of the Navy.  You will find that scores of AUSN’s members around the globe share many of your own values and opinions concerning our national defense, our Navy and the best interests of our Sailors.

     You’ll see on this page a map of member concentration areas (click to make larger) throughout the country that can help determine whether there are AUSN members in your community.  The areas where multiple AUSN members are located are in light green to deep red for highly concentrated areas. Since this is a global map taken from far out in space, it does not indicate some of our nation’s smaller communities and whether there are AUSN members in those areas. In some instances, we’ve created regional and state-wide chapters to accommodate much of the same mission goals as our local chapters. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your city on the map, as Sailors, we’re resourceful and we are known for working together!

     AUSN chapters are becoming an increasingly important way that helps shape the course of our organization. AUSN’s strength as a Military Veteran’s Organization is based on the engagement of its members and their eagerness to create vital communities locally, among themselves. AUSN encourages and welcomes the formation of chapters of AUSN members who can help further our mission, provide important networking opportunities and add to a vibrant national tapestry of like-minded and dedicated supporters of the Navy.

     Not only are current AUSN members able to qualify to become a member of your new chapter, new members will be welcomed with opened arms. One goal of our chapters is to help “pass the torch” to this and the next generation of Shipmates who don the Navy blue and gold.

 For a complete listing of AUSN’s Regions, please visit here for more information.  For the most up-to-date list of AUSN Chapters, please send a quick email requesting one and we’ll send the list right to you.  Please email us at

     It is our peasure to discuss what it means to create an AUSN chapter including the time investment, member development and fundraising. We’re able to determine rather quickly whether there is a concentration of AUSN members in your area and can communicate with them with messages of encouragement to join the new chapter.  Please contact our membership department by email at or by phone at (703) 548-5800.