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About AUSN

Welcome aboard!  We are the Association of the United States Navy — America’s only organization focused exclusively on serving the needs of the entire United States Navy.  Known as one of the most effective naval advocacy organizations of today; whether on Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, within the Defense Community or out in the Fleet, we are “The Voice for America’s Sailors.”

We pride ourselves on our dedication to all Sailors; Active and Reserve, their families, our Veterans and the civilian personnel who support them.  As the Professional Association for the Navy, we need your participation to keep our voice strong.



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How We Help:


AUSN is “The Voice for America’s Sailors,” and we’ve been advocating for our Sailors best interests Sailors for well over five decades – everyday we’re wearing a path in the marble of the halls of Congress, throughout the Pentagon and in every office that our Legislative Corps is able to make a positive difference for our Sailors, Veterans, Navy Families and all those who support them.

Our Legislative Corps is the tip of AUSN’s very effective and well-respected capabilities of opening doors to Members of Congress offices, amassing support to fight for and against critical legislation and to hold accountable those in power for the promises to our Shipmates they’ve made or have broken.

When Sailors ratings were taken away, AUSN fought to get them back. When Base Allowance for Housing (BAH) was threatened to be cut, AUSN was up front with Congress and successfully demonstrated what that cut means to the welfare of our Sailors. When our Brown Water Sailors of Vietnam began to come down with illnesses that could be directly related to their service, AUSN continues exemplary leadership in the fight to make sure that those Sailors health needs are met. When it comes to budget time, AUSN is especially tenacious in defending pay increases so our Fleet is no longer paid below their civilian counterparts.

AUSN’s members are our power – our Navy, Sailors, Veterans and families are reason why is “The Voice for America’s Sailors.”