Welcome aboard! We’re glad you’re here and we’re excited to begin a powerful journey together as we protect the best interests of our Navy, keep our Sailors sharp and ensure our Veterans receive only the best.


  1. YOU ARE ENTITLED to attend AUSN’s Annual Membership Meeting each October. This is a great opportunity to meet other members and help shape the course of our good works.
  2. YOU ARE ENTITLED to benefit from AUSN’s Capitol Hill Legislative Awards Ceremony and Reception. Be part of this essential gathering of AUSN members as they mix and mingle with the decision-makers and political influencers, an event held right in the United States Capitol.
  3. YOU ARE ENTITLED to participate in AUSN’s Navy Now Forums held quarterly in the Washington, DC area, where the powerbase that affects our Navy are located. Navy Now Forums provide the perfect opportunity to intersect the defense industry with the Navy and discuss the most prevalent issues of the day.
  4. YOU ARE ENTITLED to receive AUSN’s flagship magazine, Navy, that arrives like clockwork quarterly, full of timely information that digs deep into subjects of which others only scratch the surface. Issues like manpower and readiness, technology and capabilities, and benefits and health care. It’s all there and always insightful.
  5. YOU ARE ENTITLED to discounted college-level courses through AUSN’s special partnership with Excelsior College, used by many in the military especially for their superior distance learning capabilities.
  6. YOU ARE ENTITLED to AUSN’s Legislative Alerts which take a weekly peek behind the curtains of the cloakrooms of Congress and have conversations directly with the Members and their staffs to unveil the pluses and pitfalls of the latest strategies underway.
  7. YOU ARE ENTITLED to participating in AUSN’s Scholarship Program, which enables members and their families to apply for much needed funds for educational purposes.
  8. YOU ARE ENTITLED to receive AUSN’ Veterans Support Services, which comes with a qualified volunteer to help you with DoD benefit support and the current benefit structure.
  9. YOU ARE ENTITLED to discounts and special offers on products and services made exclusive to AUSN members via our network of companies.


You’re now part of a lineage that reaches decades before us and to a time when Sailors set the precedence of innovation, sweat-equity and tradition for future Shipmates to follow. We are the “Voice for America’s Sailors,” and together we form a loud and powerful voice that provides critical guidance for Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and corporate America to learn what is most important to protecting and preserving the best interests of our Navy.

Whether you choose to participate in AUSN’s activities at the regional level, local chapters or virtually, we promise to do our very best to provide you with timely, relevant and thought-provoking information that will help your career, protect your benefits and link you with others just like you who care about our Navy. Mostly, you’ll enjoy immense pride knowing that you are contributing to America’s efforts to defend itself in a turbulent world and building capabilities so future Shipmates are even more intelligent, mightier and at the ready.


Take the time to get to know your benefits and enjoy visiting your Association’s website. Under the Members Tab, you’ll find a comprehensive outline of benefits you are entitled to, the services we offer and essential constitution and bylaws information you’ll need in helping to shape our organization.


We’re always working hard to add new benefits and opportunities for our members so keep on the lookout for our member updates online and in Navy, AUSN’ s official magazine.